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2004-09-23 - - 7:09 a.m.

Stuff I've liked in the last few months, in case anyone was curious about what cartoons I've been watching:

Monster (AKA Doctor Tenma's Endless Parade of Pain. Very good and atmospheric. I looove the 511 kinderheim stuff. There's only been one episode out of 23 so far where I thought, "God. That was a waste of 25 minutes.")

Paranoia Agent (Its one of those shows where you feel weird after you watch it, and keep formulating theories about what exactly is going on with the attacks. Very suspenseful and full of 'what the hell did that mean? Was that the same guy? Is there even an attacker or are they all just making it manifest?' types of questions. I haven't watched all of it yet (4 out of 13 episodes total, I think), but it is great so far.)

Koukaku Kidoutai Stand Alone Complex (Ghost in the Shell Stand alone complex 2nd season. I like this season's arc better than the first one just 'cause the issue is more concrete this time. 1st gig had me going 'blah bliddy blah,' though I've never seen more endearing AI in any other movie or show. Still, GITS stuff tends to suffer from falling-cement-like exposition for minutes and minutes on end, but it's been less so in the 2nd season and there are times when it's just great. There was one episode with a man who was training himself to become a terrorist. It was just so well done that I completely loved to death.

Samurai Champloo (Hiphop samurai. Disposable, but very pretty and entertaining. I think it's done by the Cowboy Bebop guy, Watanabe - but it has a similar feel to it, anyway.)

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist. The story is actually good, and darker than I expected from the ehhh art style - Roy looks like a 12 year old's head on an adult body. It's unsettling. The plot has been getting better as I watch it. I'm probably over halfway through it now and it's still moving along well. I hear it will be ending soon. Contrast with Inuyasha, which should have ended at like, episode 60 something, and recently died miserably at 160+)

Otogizoushi (I thought this was sort of boring at first, but it has picked up quite a bit with the political intrigue. I love the ink-painted backgrounds and the art style is very different. It's also about Heian Kyo, which I haven't seen before. And the Onmyouji are extremely creepy.)

Kyou Kara Maou! (From Now On, I'm the Demon King! It sounds so stupid, but it's actually quite clever and very funny. This high school boy gets sucked into a toilet as he's given a swirlie. He ends up in an alternate dimension (he thinks it's a really immersive theme park), and is informed that he is the king of the demons. He inadvertently engages himself to a jealous blond boy named Wolfram (wonder if there's an Angel connection there because sometimes the humour reminds me of mutant enemy stuff) who takes over his bedroom and wears pink nightgowns. Nothing is taken very seriously. There is the silent badass guy, who broods his way around the castle, and then gets caught knitting a pink stuffed bear in his office. . . just pure fun.)

Gungrave (I was surprised I liked this, it started out with sort of boring zombie shooting, and then turned into an interesting mob drama in the second episode. I'll probably end up watching more of this to see how it goes.)

Oh and I finally saw Donnie Darko. (I really, really liked it. God, but the bunny suit was SERIOUSLY SCARY. I had nightmares.)


Is Resident Evil 2 worth seeing in theaters? I liked the first one, so I've been tempted to go, but then there are other movies I've been wanting to watch.

Oh and if you haven't read this yet, you really should. Deathnote. Translated manga, read from right to left. I can never tell what's going to happen in the story and every chapter makes me go "What the fuck?!"

Sometimes they have their very own logic, but it doesn't matter because you just keep wondering who's crazier, the good guy or the bad guy. Right now, I'm thinking that they are both psychopaths. And then after you have read it you should talk about it with me - because none of my friends read comics, and between Naruto and Deathnote I am exploding with pent up stuff to say. But everyone is watching TV Naruto so I don't want to spoil things coming in a few months. And no one reads Deathnote.

**so lonely**

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